Our Process


Bridge Marketing follows a process to build the best strategy and marketing plan to help you grow your business. It starts with knowledge building both for us and for our clients. We ask a lot of questions. The reason is simple – better understanding builds better plans and marketing which means better results.

So, here is the basic process:

  • Know the business – Business model, objectives, strategy, product or service differentiators
  • Define the target – Customer descriptions, motivations, segmentation
  • Set the plan – Assimilate data, develop marketing plan, define tactics
  • Tailor the talent – Assemble experts to execute plan, implement
  • Hit the objectives – Measure objectives, analyze performance
  • Integrate the learning – Revise current tactics, update strategic plans

While the basic process is the same, execution of the process can vary greatly and every plan is different because every client is different. Our services link with this process and you can select what fits your needs.

Differentiation grows revenue and profitability.