Goalrilla Gains Monster Share

bridge-marketing-Goalrilla-logoChallenge: Goalrilla, the number one brand of in-ground basketball systems, faced stagnant growth with their key retailer. They needed to convince their customer that Goalrilla products were preferred and cheaper competitive products didn’t help their customer’s business.

Strategy: Bridge partner led an in-depth consumer research study that identified key consumer insights identifying the key target and showing brand awareness and purchase motivators. Bridge partner used the study to lead development of new product, new pricing structure and enhanced merchandising. The consumer insights Goalrilla presented convinced the key account that the new product and merchandising were better positioned to grow business without eroding category price points.

bridge-marketing-GoalrillaResults: The account placed the new product and merchandising. The effort succeeded in growing brand share by 5% and profitability by 10%. Additionally the effort displaced a key competitor product and grew placement and share with key account.